Sourcing interesting  and innovative items with easy-to-understand USPs on our own on the one hand, as well as finding or developing new items on customer’s requests on the other hand, makes us the perfect supplier for a wide range of items with an excellent value for money and unique functional product characteristics.

Our products are true mail-order winners that are currently supplied by more than 80 european and US-american mail order companies. Please visit our regularly updated product page for an overview of our product range, which comprises products from many different areas. With us, you will find an impressive selection of high-quality items for many different occasions – from beautifully designed decorative goods to therapeutic products.

Choose among these items and let us know your required specifications and needed quantities.  We will be honored to provide you with a well-structured quotation, a free sample, high-quality product pictures and ready-to-use text material that we prepare very carefully for each and every item. 

For learning more about our newest items, which are not shown on this website, please use the contact form.

Besides that, we will also find your desired item on your request. You have a special product idea and want it to be realized for you? You are not satisfied with the service of your current supplier?

Your item has indeed a good sales volume, but your margin is too low? Production mistakes cause high return rates of your goods?

A picture or a small description of your product is everything we need to get the ball rolling. Regular quality controls and the precise and tireless prospecting for the best prices makes us able to provide you with the perfect products.


We are native Chinese speakers and well-educated in English language, therefore we are able to manage all possible difficulties in communication between customers and suppliers. Besides that, we know the manufacturing processes inside out and are very familiar with all possible requirements for international sales.


Contact us for a quotation on your new best-selling items!